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Camps and excursions

Excursions and Incursions

Minden State School maintains a strong program of excursions and incursions related to the curriculum children are studying. These experiences help students connect their learning to the real world. Each year various classes will experience a small number of excursions (going out of school into the world) or incursions (bringing the world into our school) The anticipated cost of each activity ranges from $5-$30.

Outdoor Education and Camping Program

At Minden State School, we have a comprehensive camping/outdoor education program, along with appropriate year level curriculum based excursions and trips.

The program aims to give our children opportunities to experience a range of activities outside of regular classroom lessons.

Our school is equipped with staff experienced in organising and running school camps. The camps are held for varying durations in a range of settings for year 5 and 6. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for staff, students and volunteers at all sites – both on and off campus.

Senior school students are expected to attend the camp, and we attempt to keep costs reasonable.  

Aims of the Outdoor Education Program
  • To develop communication skills (listening/speaking)
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To improve problem-solving techniques
  • To learn to trust oneself and others
  • To strengthen decision-making skills
  • To gain better appreciation and respect for others
  • To learn how to better cooperate in a group
  • To gain better control over impulsive behaviour
  • To develop an appreciation and respect for nature
  • To participate in a variety of physical activities
  • To become aware of social responsibility