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Why choose our school?

We know small schools are not for everyone but there are many advantages to having your child educated in a small school.

At Minden, we have employed additional teaching staff to ensure that our class sizes are smaller, providing a lower teacher-student ratio that supports learning. We provide Teacher Aide support in every class every day. We also enjoy the benefits from having numerous parent volunteers regularly assisting in classes. It is difficult for a child to fall beneath the radar when there are so many adults looking out for you.

Our school staff work hard at being a cohesive, effective team. This often means taking on extra responsibilities to ensure jobs are completed on time; from coordinating lunch-time activities to organising the Science Fair and doing playground duty every day. Staff have the time and opportunity to build and sustain relationships with many students when they see them so regularly.

At Minden, everybody knows everybody! We invest time and effort into making sure we know not only about each other, but we know about our students and their families. Building strong relationships ensures teachers and parents work together in a supportive manner.

Our classes are structured as single year level classes, however, students and staff enjoy daily interaction between classes to ensure each child's academic, social and emotional needs are catered for. This approach allows children to interact with others in different year levels which not only supports learning but helps them develop multi-age friendships which resembles real life. Similarly, lunch and play breaks offer students the opportunity of mixing with all age groups and learning socially appropriate ways of interacting.

Developing a sense of belonging to a familiar tribe that knows and cares about you is vital for children to begin building a picture of themselves and how they fit into the world. At Minden State School we value and protect our reputation as an excellent school and invite you to visit us soon.


Minden’s Values

We believe every student can learn and be successful. Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. When we use our values to make decisions, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. When values are shared, they help us grow and develop as a cohesive group.